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La última puesta en el peña de la mora by Lujó Semeyes

I can’t stand how jealous guys get of their girlfriends if they have guy friends and have them stop talking to you and delete you off their friends lists to appease them. First these guys must have no trust whatsoever in their relationship, and the girlfriend has no backbone and a really bad friend if they would ignore you and delete you over merely just liking their pic, or talking or whatever thing. I guess it works vice versa too. If you dont trust your partner than maybe you shouldn’t be together. And if not, let your gf/bf have some breathing room and have his/her own personal friends. People get so stalkerish, creepy, and jealous as hell. They need to stop being so damn controlling/paranoid and you shouldn’t let them treat you like that :P I would never try to breakup a relationship.. if its meant to be it will happen on its own and I hate to lose good friends over bullshit.  *rant complete* 

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