Okay next order of online shopping. I am buying this, it’s a HD PVR. It basically records stuff in HD. So heres somethings I will be using it for, mainly recording videogames, I can make videos for Youtube like montages, machinima, strategy videos. Then another use, is record tv shows, movies off my Fios. Also I can use as video proof for my game battles online league. Or I can record while I stream HD video on netflix. I dunno I bet a can make a ton of use of it as an investment & for my hobbies/entertainment. 
So yea, and I will sell my dvd recorder on ebay, which I think sucked! It’s pretty much a huge upgrade for that. But yea I will have to wait till it comes & show you guys what I can do with this later haha. Maybe you might want one for yourself.

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